BAC Technology is a company founded in collaboration with a team of biologists, doctors, physical therapists and professionals in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering. Our company objective is to produce and market a line of high-end medical devices that offer a level of therapeutic efficacy and safety never seen before on the market. Continuous investment in technological innovation, quality and collaborations with renowned expertss have enabled us to develop a wealth of experience and knowledge that has led us to obtain a history of remarkable results. For years the company has gradually specialized in prototyping, engineering and in-house production of medical devices of the highest quality, intended for a clientele of professionals only in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. BAC Technology's investments continue in the study and manufacturing of ever more sophisticated medical devices through direct collaboration with the medical professionals themselves, who can request a degree of functional, software and aesthetic customization of our medical devices according to their needs up to a level never seen before on the market. The attention at the base of our process of research, design, development and manufacturing of our medical devices is the strength that is allowing BAC Technology to emerge as one of the most prominent companies in the field.

BAC Technology S.r.l.

Via G.di Vittorio, 2/A
50063 Figline Valdarno (Florence), Italy


Phone: (+39) 055 95 94 73


VAT n° 04657360485

Registered company n° FI04657360485, Florence


Medical Devices










Diacutaneous Fibrolysis


- Sirio - portable version

- EQultrasound

- Vega

- Galaxy

- Hooks

- Hydra