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Low-frequency ultrasound device for the treatment of muscular,

articular, ligamentous and tendinous conditions in horses


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Therapeutic Indications

Technical Features


EQultrasound is a low-frequency ultrasound device for the treatment of muscular, articular, ligamentous and tendinous

conditions in horses.

The device stimulates and accelerates the natural physiological processes aimed at tissue repair, recovery and restoration of

cellular homeostasis, allowing for a natural, faster recovery of the treated areas.

Therapy with EQultrasound may be associated with other veterinary therapeutic techniques to determine a dynamic treatment

approach aimed at optimizing the time of rehabilitation and recovery.

Treatment with EQultrasound has the following benefits:


- Improved mobility

- Increased elasticity of tendons and ligaments

- Reduction of muscle pain and inflammatory processes (analgesic action)

- Reduction of pain caused by bony growths, optimized bone remodeling process

- Treatment of scar tissue


It has been observed that the use of EQultrasound in conjunction with other treatments commonly used by veterinarians

makes them more effective and accelerates the healing process.

For instance, the use of EQultrasound is recommended after treatment with platelet-rich plasma (PRP injections) or stem

cells, in order to maximize the speed of the tissue regeneration process.

Moreover, the use of EQultrasound immediately after therapies such as dorso-lumbar or intramuscular drug injections proves

an excellent instrument to promote deep drug diffusion (due to the acoustic thrust) and absorbtion, therefore optimizing

both pharmacokinetics and drug action.

Furthermore, the use of EQultrasound does not require trichotomy of the areas that are the object of treatment, a factor

that undoubtedly benefits the horse's aesthetics.



EQultrasound low-frequency ultrasound therapy produces the following effects in biological tissues:


- Mechanical vibration (athermic effects)

- Diathermy (thermal effects)

- Acoustic shock wave effect (via specific hand probe)


The athermic effects generated by mechanical vibration increase cellular metabolic activity and blood microcirculation, resulting in increased enzymatic activity and tissue oxygenation for a faster recovery of the treated areas.


Diathermy generates a deep thermal effect, causing only a minimal increase of the skin surface's temperature. Deep heat contributes

to the increase of cellular metabolism and enzymatic activity, causing vasodilatation and increasing the availability of oxygen and

nutrients in the treated tissues.


This process accelerates the removal of metabolic waste substances generated by the injury (histamine, bradykinin, and prostaglandins, all of which contribute to sensitization of nerve fibers and pain). EQultrasound's diathermic effect allows for pain relief to the horse and speeds up the recovery of the treated tissues.


The acoustic shock wave generated by EQultrasound is completely painless also for the treatment of dystrophic calcification, an injury for which shock waves are frequently used as an instrument of therapy. It is well known that the receipt of traditional shock waves is painful, to the point that it is often necessary to sedate the horse during treatment.


By using an innovative hand probe specifically designed for the purpose, EQultrasound produces a therapeutic effect similar to

traditional shock waves by producing a virtually painless vibration that horses tolerate well without any need for sedatives.

The generator transforms electrical energy into acoustic pressure waves and controls two piezoelectric hand probes. The internal

microprocessor continually adjusts the generated oscillatory movements, to ensure a constant output and guarantee a high standard of safety and performance.


Compared to traditional high-frequency ultrasound therapy (1/3 MHz), EQultrasound produces a much deeper action for a faster

recovery in the treatment of muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and joint structures.


Through the use of five different hand probes, EQultrasound is able to modulate a wide range of emissions, so as to effectively treat a range of muscular,tendineous, ligamentous and joint pathologies by using the same medical device.


Bone pathologies


- Sesamoiditis

- Periostitis

- Microfractures

- Inflammatory and degenerative joint pathologies


Soft tissue injuries


- Muscle tears

- Contractures

- Chronic muscle diseases (atrophy, fibrosis and fibrotic myopathy)

- Tendinitis / tendon injuries

- Tendon calcifications

- Ligamentous injuries

- DJD (ringbone / bone spavin)

- Bursitis

- Organized and calcified hematoma

- Edema

- Scar tissue softening


Type of device:


Power supply:


Absorbed power:




Hand probe transducer diameter:

Hand probe weight:








Ultrasound device 38 kHz + / - 2

93/42/CEE, 2007/47/CE

24 VDC – 2,9 A

100/240 V - 50/60 Hz

60 W max.

Touch screen LED-backlit

L 315mm x P 220mm x H 220mm

Weight: 4,7 kg

Hand probe transducer diameter: Ø 50 mm / 19,6 cm

Hand probe weight: Circa 700 g

IEC 60601-1 Class II, Applied parts Type BF, IP X0


Flat silver hand probe (pulsed emission)


  • traumas of the musculoskeletal system
  • inflammation and swelling of the musculoskeletal system
  • drainage of edema and hematoma at early stage

Concave silver hand probe (pulsed emission)


  • traumas and inflammations of the musculoskeletal system
  • features a more focalized ultrasonic wave
  • concave shape allows better coupling on curved areas

Flat red hand probe (continuous emission)


  • more pronouced diathermic effect
  • acute muscle pathologies (strains, contractions, contractures)
  • chronic muscle pathologies (atrophy and fibrosis)
  • drainage of hematoma ad advanced stage/calcified hematoma

Concave red hand probe (continuous emission)


  • specifically designed for the treatment of arthrosis
  • features a more focalized and powerful ultrasonic wave
  • concave shape allows better coupling on curved areas

Shock wave effect hand probe (pulsed emission)


  • acute muscle and tendon pathologies
  • chronic muscle and tendon pathologies
  • tendinous calcifications
  • joint injuries and traumas
  • scar tissue softening
  • severe muscle fibrosis/fibrotic myopathy
  • stimulation of trigger points for pain relief

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