VEGA - Medical radiofrequency diathermy device


Diathermy device that accelerates the physiological processes of the tissue metabolism

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VEGA is a diathermy radiofrequency that accelerates the physiological processes of tissue metabolism. The device uses the principle of heat transfer and the bio-stimulation via biocompatible energy for the treatment of numerous disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The current flows through the tissues of the area that is being treated, and generates heat by Joule effect.


This heating is influenced by the distribution and orientation of the force lines of the electric field within the tissues. This aspect is entirely managed by the operator, acting on the patient by suitably positioning the electrodes and choosing the mode of operation that is most appropriate (monopolar or bipolar) in relation to a number of variables;


 Phase of the disease (acute or chronic)

 Localization of the target (superficial or deep)

 Histological variables of the target tissue (higher or lower water content) .


The technical features of the VEGA RF generator, combined with an extremely precise software, allow the operator to selectively modulate the amount of charge of the electrodes, and consequently the production of heat within the tissues. Through the energy delivered by the RF generator, it is possible to modulate the endothermia, starting from an extremely low thermal delta that is compensated in real time by physiological homeostasis, to substantial increases in deep targets and in the treatment of fibrosis in soft tissues.


The treatment is performed either by using a particular bipolar hand probe, equipped with  concentric conductive segments, or by using the same hand probe in combination with one of the reference electrodes. It is also possible to use the tool to convey pharmacologically active preparations to be administered to the patient percutaneously.





The particular design of the transducers of VEGA allows their use in two different operating modes: monopolar and bipolar. In this way, the system allows the treatment of biological targets located more both on the surface or more in depth in the biological tissues.

Using the hand probe in bipolar mode, the lines of force of the electric field are dissipated through the two concentric conductors dispersed in the layers immediately below the skin. The monopolar mode, on the contrary, causes a thermal increase directly related to the geometry of the application and the histology of the tissues that find themselves immersed in the electric field defined below.


  • Acute and / or chronic muscle pain
  • Muscle traumatology
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Fibrosis
  • Tendinopathy - enthesopathies - bursitis
  • Outcomes of sprains
  • Preparation for manual therapy and therapeutic exercise

Device Type:

Compliance and standards:

Power supply:


Power consumption:










Radiofrequency device 800 KHz +/- 2

93/42 / EEC, 2007/47 / EC

48 VDC - 4.5 A

100/240 V - 50/60 Hz

220 W max.

Touch screen LED backlight

300 mm x 245 mm x 85 mm

3 kg




Sphere: Recommended for static treatments
(upper limbs) and cervical brachialgia.

Plate: Recommended for the treatment of large areas, to increase the drainage and treatment on the trunk.






Cylinder: Recommended for dynamic treatments (upper limbs), in combination with kinesitherapy or mobilization.




Hand probe: Recommended for treatments dynamic, in the pathology of the pulse of the ankle and to direct the draining effect of the treatment.




Small Bipolar hand probe:

Recommended for treatment of small areas, wrist and ankle

Medium bipolar hand probe:

Recommended for treatment of shoulder, upper arm and knee

Large bipolar hand probe:

Recommended for treatment of large areas, thigh and spine

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