Sirio Desk 2

Trolley accessory

Plexiglass and aluminium trolley produced according to standards and criteria aimed at uaranteeing practical and safe use in professional work environments. Ideal support urface for the devices we produce.


Sirio Portatile 6

Transducer supports

Supports to position the transducers when not in use. Two variants, the first for flat and
concave transducers, the second for trigger transducers.


Sirio Portatile 7

Trolley suitcase

Resistant to water, chemical agents and dust. The internal padding, shaped differently epending on the machinery for which it is intended for use, allows convenient and safe transport.


Sirio Portatile 8

Trolley backpack

Comfortable trolley backpack for the safe transport of our portable devices. The trolley is handled with extractable handle, wheels and support feet. Backpack use with the two adjustable rear straps.