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EQ-DIATHERMY is a radiofrequency resistive diathermy that accelerates the physiological processes of tissue metabolism. The device uses the principle of endogenous heat production and consequent biological activation.

The technical characteristics of the EQ-DIATHERMY radiofrequency generator allow the modulation of the power density and consequently the heat production inside the tissues.

The treatment can be carried out with bipolar or monopolar electrodes with their own references.



Therapeutic indications

  • Analgesic and algo-sedative action
  • Decontracting action
  • Stimulating action for localized tissue metabolism
  • Vasomotor action

Intended use

  • Stimulation of basal metabolic rate
  • Myorelaxant
  • Effort recovery





Monopolar transducer 42mm

Monopolar transducer 58mm

Monopolar reference 42mm


Monopolar reference 58mm

Bipolar transducer 42mm

Bipolar transducer 58mm


Bipolar transducer 74mm

Trigger transducer

Reference Kit for automatic adhesive pads


Automatic adhesive pads kit


Hoofboot kit


Pneumatic locking

Magnetic connector

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