(Pulsed Electromagnetic Field)

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Generating Device

Innovative technology for the treatment of inflammatory conditions (pain), overload pathologies (tendinopathies), delayed healings (wounds), delayed bone consolidations (fractures).

EQ-PEMF uses the electrical signal physics for therapeutic purposes.
Developed for the equine veterinary sector.


Therapeutic indications


EQ-PEMF Colour Intended Use
– Oedema
– Wounds
– After-surgery
– Acute pain
– Chronic pain
– Reduction of inflammation
– Tendinitis, Tendinosis
– Overload traumas
– Stimulation of bone calcification
– Stimulation of cartilages
– Acute pain
– Chronic pain
– Tendinitis
– Tendinosis
– Overload traumas


Practical examples



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