Training courses and workshops for the correct and more effective use of our products


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BAC Technology organises training courses for the correct use of its products and to optimise their use. The courses are organised at our headquarters in Figline Valdarno, Italy. During the training days the participants have the opportunity to view and test all of BAC Technology’s products, as well as acquire specific skills on the products covered by the course. It is also proposed to the participants to visit the production plant to learn about the different stages leading to the finished product.

Our courses are developed jointly by the BAC Technology staff and established professionals and respond to the purpose of offering clients and professionals in the field useful skills for their work. Generally the courses are divided into a theoretical and a practical part in which the participants use the devices provided by the company to make the training experience as full as possible.

In this case, dialogue is also central to the organisation of the courses and feedback from participants is taken into great consideration in the organisation of future courses.

We also organise courses at the request of customers for a small number of participants.



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