Clinical Case: P.E.M.F. for fracture consolidation


Physiotherapist Federica Magliano, who administered the treatment with P.E.M.F. BAC Technology (Pulsed Electric Field Device + for info: click here) and collected the study material, describes the clinical case as follows:

“A 50-year-old man fell on ice during a hike on Sunday, January 7th 2024, and violently hit his ribcage. Initially, he thought it was just a bruise, then he went to the doctor who told him that even if there was a fracture, there was nothing that could be done.
He called me for help and I obviously responded that without an X-ray to rule out fractures, he would not enter my clinic.
On January 10th, he had an X-ray which showed a partially displaced fracture, 8th right rib along the midaxillary line (report 1, following photo).
I immediately had him come to the clinic right after the X-ray and I applied a kinesiotape bandage, aimed at containing movement in the area around the fracture as much as possible and on top of said area I applied a yellow P.E.M.F. device, which the patient kept on 24/7 for 16 days, until the battery was drained completely – 300 hours (see cover photo).
On January 26, the patient had another follow-up X-ray which showed that the fracture had consolidated without complications (report 2). 24 hours after applying the yellow P.E.M.F. device, the pain had improved by 50% and 48 hours later, the pain was just a residual discomfort, which allowed him to manage the consolidation period without medication and without significant nighttime disturbance.”

(Press Office Bac Technology – February 2024, 04)