Important results on BAC Technology ultrasound come from Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Dall'Istituto di BioRobotica della Scuola Superiore St.Anna arrivano importanti risultati sugli ultrasuoni a bassa frequenza BAC Technology

December 12, 2019 #news

Prof. Leonardo Ricotti of The BioRobotic Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (“Micro-nano-bio systems and targeted therapies” Lab) carried out a research project on the use of low-frequency ultrasound with BAC Technology devices for the treatment of neuropathies, ie those alterations of the peripheral nervous system, with consequent motor difficulties and / or sensory abnormalities. Here is the abstract of the final study report, entitled:

“Low-Intensity Ultrasound + Electromagnetic fields” combined stimulation for neuropathies treatment (UltraHeal)”

A research activity is in progress for the development in vitro of new ultrasound stimulation devices in combination with electromagnetic fields for the treatment of degenerative neuropathies. The report concerns results obtained during project activities defined in the Technical Attached and that were about: (1) the transducers acquisition and characterization for ultrasonic stimulation at different frequencies; (2) the development of an ad hoc system for retaining biological samples, easy to use and transparent to ultrasound, in order to provide a highly controlled dose to target cells; (3) the validation of this system according to different cell typologies; (4) the assembling of two complete LIPUS systems (one for high frequencies and one for low frequencies); (5) the development of a PEMF stimulation system and it punctual characterization in terms of produced electric and magnetic field; (6) the choice and the purchase of appropriate cell lines and the definition of an experimental protocol for LIPUS and PEMF stimulation of these cells, in view of the final application.

The collaboration between Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and BAC S.r.l. permitted to develop an extremely innovative research field, interesting and potentially able to open new frontiers in the biophysics stimulation market for therapies and tissue regeneration. This collaboration allowed to develop two systems for highly controlled L.I.P.U.S. stimulation, working at different frequencies ranges. The design of these systems led to a combined patent filing, which will enable a possible future commercialization of the devices themselves. A combined scientific article was also published, and it will contribute to international visibility of BAC in the bioengineering and biophysics therapies fields. A controlled PEMF stimulation set-up was also developed. Furthermore, the most relevant cellular populations, which play a primary role in neuropathies development and progression, were identified and purchased, and in the next months detailed biological tests will be performed on them, so creating additional combined publications.